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home Biography Who is Adam Hagenbuch? Know His Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Movies, Net Worth.

Who is Adam Hagenbuch? Know His Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Movies, Net Worth.

Suman Adhikari Published On Thu Nov 29 2018   Modified On Thu Nov 29 2018
Who is Adam Hagenbuch? Know His Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Movies, Net Worth.

Full NameAdam Hagenbunch
Birth CityArlington, Texas, U.S.A
Marital StatusSingle
Networth$1 million
Height6 cm
Weight84 kg


    Body and Relation Status of Adam Hagenbunch

    What is Adam Hagenbunch marital status ?Single
    What is the height of Adam Hagenbunch?6 cm
    What is the weight of Adam Hagenbunch?84 kg

    A good physique coupled with talent can make someone an instant star. Adam Hagenbuch has all the qualities of a star in bundles. He is dedicated to making his career and is rarely distracted. He is also happily single, unlike other people. It is difficult to believe that such a good-looking celeb can be single.

    Adam Hagenbuch’s Biography

    Adam Hagenbuch was born on the 23rd day of January in 1991. His birth took place in his hometown of Arlington, Texas. He is of Caucasian ethnicity. His zodiac sign is an Aquarius and he shows a lot of traits of this sign in his personality. He was interested in drama and acting from an early age. This is why he joined the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. We do not have more information regarding his family and early life. Adam has chosen to keep his early life and family life a secret from tabloid sources. Consequently, we do not know his parents’ or his siblings’ names.

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    Adam Hagenbuch’s Statistics

    • Height: As he is in the show business, Adam is a man with a very good physique. He has an excellent height of 6 feet.
    • Weight: Adam Hagenbuch has a buffed up body with great muscles and his weight is also reflective of his fitness. He weighs around 84 kg.
    • Eye Color: His eyes are brown that goes perfectly with his hair and make him an instant dreamboat for the ladies.
    • Hair Color: His eyes and his hair perfectly, he has brown hair. They also complement his toned body that he has achieved from a lot of workouts.
    • Body Measurements: Similarly, Adam has a ripped body and his muscles tend to pop out and are very defined.
    • Facial Structure: Hagenbuch’s face has defined jawlines and is of the oval type.

    Adam Hagenbuch’s Relationship History

    It is an uncommon thing for a guy like Adam Hagenbuch to be single especially considering he is a celeb but it seems he doesn’t have an interest in being distracted from his career right now. Some people like the spotlight and some people shy away from it, most celebs will relish the spotlight but Adam seems to be happy in his own world away from social media and the eye of the media. He is a shy person and rarely reveals any information about himself. However, he said that he had a crush on Jodie Sweetin who plays opposite him on-screen.

    Adam Hagenbuch’s Career and Net Worth

    Hagenbuch is an actor by profession. He debuted in 2009 via the film Hell’s Fury. After this, he has worked in many series such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Among his works ‘Switched to Birth,’ ‘Undateable,’ and ‘Fuller House.’ can be considered his notable most notable roles. He is estimated to be worth around $1 million after all of the assets are considered. An actor has many clauses in his contract so the exact salary cannot be determined but according to some tabloid sources he earns $500 thousand annually.

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    Adam acting in the Unbeatables.

    Adam Hagenbuch’s Interesting Facts

    • Although his looks can steal the heart of any girl, Adam is single and happy.
    • He has a crush in his colleague Jodie Sweetin.