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home Biography Cindy Gruden-Loving Wife of Joe Gruden- Know Her Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Husband, Net Worth, Profession.

Cindy Gruden-Loving Wife of Joe Gruden- Know Her Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Husband, Net Worth, Profession.

Suman Adhikari Published On Tue Dec 04 2018   Modified On Tue Dec 04 2018
Cindy Gruden-Loving Wife of Joe Gruden- Know Her Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Husband, Net Worth, Profession.

Facts of Cindy Gruden

Full NameCindy Gruden
ProfessionFormer Cheerleader
Birth CityKnoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJon Gruden


    Body and Relation Status of Cindy Gruden

    What is Cindy Gruden marital status ?Married
    Who is Cindy Gruden married with?Jon Gruden

    Love can happen anywhere and so it did when a cheerleader and a college football head coach found each other. Cindy Gruden fell in love with Joe Gruden and got married in 1991. She worked as a cheerleader and became a mainstay in the media when she married Joe. 

    Cindy Gruden’s Biography

    Cindy was born in Knoxville in the home state of Country music Tennessee, United States. We do not know much about her family and early life as she has not disclosed it to the public. Due to her secrecy, we do not know about her siblings and parents. However, we know that she spent most of her time in her hometown in Knoxville. She went to the University of Tennesse where she used to be a cheerleader for the sports teams. She is an American and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

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    Cindy Gruden’s Statistics

    • Height: Cindy’s personality is a bit shy from the media so she has not given out much information about herself. Tabloid sources do not have the information regarding her height.
    • Body Measurements: As we have said above she doesn’t reveal much about herself to the media and so her body measurements is also a mystery.
    • Tattoos: There are no tattoos on her body.
    • Eye Color: Gruden’s eyes are a beautiful shade of brown and they go with her white skin tone and facial bone structure.
    • Hair Color: She has bangs that come drop down to her eyebrows and her hair is blonde in color.

    Cindy Gruden’s Relationship History

    Gruden is a married woman and her husband is a famous college football coach Jon Gruden. The couple met at the Univesity of Tennesee as Cindy was a cheerleader and Jon was a coach for the football team. Her husband has the record for being the youngest NFL head coach. Jon is now an announcer on Monday Night Football and an analyst but formerly he was a head coach. Cindy, as we have discussed above, was a cheerleader.

    Cindy with her husband Jon.

    The proposal and engagement were spontaneous as she explained in an interview that they decided to get a ring after a game in San Francisco. She got on a plane to where Jon was and they decided to get the ring without even checking out the designer(jeweler). Cindy said that one of the qualities of Jon that attracted her the most was that h had his act together at an early age. This quality was really rare and almost unique so she fell for him. Together the couple has three children namely, Deuce Gruden who was born on 19th January 1994Michael Gruden, and Jayson Gruden.

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    Cindy Gruden’s Career and Net Worth

    Gruden’s net worth has not been revealed but her husband Jon is worth around $22.5 million. According to some tabloid sources his yearly salary is somewhere in the region of $6.5 million. In 2014, the couple acquired their residential property in Crighton Farms for $2.5 million.

    Cindy Gruden Interesting Facts

    • She was the cheerleader for her university’s football team.
    • Her marriage to Jon has lasted an incredible 27 years.