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home Biography Heather Neel-Wife of Derek Carr- Know Her Wiki, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Father, Boyfriend, Pregnant, Net Worth

Heather Neel-Wife of Derek Carr- Know Her Wiki, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Father, Boyfriend, Pregnant, Net Worth

Suman Adhikari Published On Fri Dec 07 2018   Modified On Fri Feb 15 2019
Heather Neel-Wife of Derek Carr- Know Her Wiki, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Father, Boyfriend, Pregnant, Net Worth

Facts of Heather Neel

Full NameHeather Neel
Birth CityNorthern California, U.S.A
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseDerek Carr


    Body and Relation Status of Heather Neel

    What is Heather Neel marital status ?Married
    Who is Heather Neel married with?Derek Carr

    Marriage can bring prosperity and fortune to someone’s life. In the case of Heather Neel, it has brought her abundant fame and following. Neel is the wife of famous Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. She is equally responsible for his success. The beautiful Heather got married to the man rather than the money and fame. She has supported her husband all through his struggles.

    Heather Neel’s Biography

    Heather was born in 1990 on the 3rd day of January. She was born to Caucasian parents and so belongs to the White ethnicity. Her father is Bryan Neel and her mother is Vicki Neel. Her birthplace is rooted in Northern California.

    She graduated from Fresno Christian High School. Unlike others, she didn’ go too far for college and attended Fresno State University.

    Heather Neel’s Statistics

    •  Height: Heather has not given any information regarding her height but her NFL playing husband is 6 feet inches tall.
    • Body Measurements: Neel is a secretive person and she rarely shares her personal information to the media. Nevertheless, she has a great figure resembling an hourglass.
    • Tattoos: She doesn’t have any tattoos on her body and future tattoos seem unlikely as she already has 2 kids and it might set a bad example.
    • Eye Color: Heather’s eyes must have been one of the features that made her husband fall for her. She has unique gray and greenish eyes.
    • Hair Color: Her hair is blonde in color but it has a white tinge to it which makes it look almost silverish.

    Heather Neel’s Relationship History

    Many people ask the question, ‘Can a girl and a boy really be best friends?’. We do not have the answers but in this particular scenario Heather and her husband started out as friends. She married Derek Carr on June 29, 2012.

    They met in 2009 and were friends until later. After they met they started bonding but Derrek started seeing her in a romantic view. Heather only saw Derek as a friend and didn’t see him as her husband. Derek behaved a certain way that was different from his normal persona when he was around Heather. But in time everything changed and as love often does it united two unlikely people.

    Heather with husband Derek Carr

    Currently, they have two little boys together. Their first child was born in August as a son, Dallas Carr. Later on, in 2016, they gave birth to second son, Deker Carr.

    Heather Neel with her husband and kids
    Heather Neel with her husband and kids

    Currently, the family of four is living happily. Her boyfriend before her marriage and her dating details prior to Derek are unknown.

    Heather Neel Career and Net Worth

    Neel is a very secretive person and due to this, we do not know anything about her career. Her husband, however, is one of the most respected and well-known athletes of the NFL. Derek Carr is the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders. This has led him to have a lot of wealth and fame. We do not know his exact net worth but he has contracts where he will be paid $125 million over 5 years.

    Heather Neel’s Interesting Facts

    • Her first son had a condition called Intestinal malrotation which is a birth defect causing twisting of the intestines and intertwining them.
    • Her second son was born on March 16th of 2016.
    • One of her defining traits includes her high activity on social media. She is constantly posting on her Instagram and other platforms.

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