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home Biography Rory John Gates- Son of Bill Gates- Detail on His Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth.

Rory John Gates- Son of Bill Gates- Detail on His Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth.

Suman Adhikari Published On Fri Dec 07 2018   Modified On Fri Dec 07 2018
Rory John Gates- Son of Bill Gates- Detail on His Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth.

Facts of Rory John Gates

Full NameRory John Gates
Birth CitySeattle, Washington, U.S.A
Marital StatusMarried
Networth$20 million
Height5.5 cm


    Body and Relation Status of Rory John Gates

    What is Rory John Gates marital status ?Married
    What is the height of Rory John Gates?5.5 cm
    What is the weight of Rory John Gates?kg

    Some people work hard to earn a fortune and some people are born rich. As luck would have it Rory John Gates was born as one of the heirs to Bill Gates’s immense and astounding riches. Although his father is one of the richest people on earth, Rory is surprisingly down to earth and charitable. He is currently a student at Lakeside and his career hasn’t taken off yet.

    Rory John Gates’s Biography

    Rory was born on may 23 in 1999. his birth took place in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. He was born to father Bill Gates, who needs no introduction, and Melinda Gates. As of 2018, he is 19 years old. He is the son of Bill Gates but he wasn’t given any special treatment by his father. In fact, he was not allowed to use phones until he was 13. However, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get any advantages by being Bill Gates’s son. His siblings: Jennifer Katharine Gates, Phoebe Adele Gates, and himself were treated as normal children although their father is a muti-Billionaire.

    Rory celebrating his birthday as a kid.

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    Rory John Gates’s Statistics

    • Height: Rory is relatively shorter than the average dude. In fact, he is 5 inches shorter than the average American male and his father. Rory stands t 5 feet 5 inches tall.
    • Tattoos: He doesn’t have any tattoos but he is young and might get one in the future.
    • Eye Color: Gates’s eyes are brown and do not match his father’s eyes.
    • Hair Color: Rory is a Caucasian so naturally his hair is blonde.
    • Weight: He has a decent and healthy weight for his height. He weighs around 52 kg.

    Rory John Gates’s Relationship History

    John Gates is still very young and contrary to the trend for young people he hasn’t given out any information about his relationships. He is still studying and it seems he is focused on his studies rather than his love life. We do not know about his girlfriend but we can speculate that he might be dating someone. It is way too early to be talking about marriage as he is still 19 years old but in the future, he might marry in a lavish wedding ceremony. His parents  Bill Gates and Melinda French got married on New Year’s Day in 1994. Although there is a lack of relationships in his life, Rory is overwhelmingly rich and ‘gold diggers‘ might be circling him all the time but we cannot say anything for sure.

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    Rory John Gates’s Creer and Net Worth

    Gates’ carer hasn’t really started yet as he is still studying. We might think that he doesn’t need to study or have a job because his father is a multi-billionaire but Bill Gates has talked about raising his kids right and not giving them an easy life. However, we strongly believe that in the future Rory will get the full support of his father in his career. His net worth is $20 million even though he doesn’t have a career yet due to his father.

    Rory John Gates’s Interesting Facts

    • He donates some percent of his allowance to charity.
    • He was born in the same state where Grunge music legends Nirvana were formed and where the greatest guitarist of all time Jimi Hendrix was born.
    • He lives in a house named Xanadu 2.0 which is estimated to be orth$123.54 in the market.